Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind

– William Wordsworth


The 100% Club‘ (minimum 30 matches per season in same division):
2015/16 Max Brooks of Heaton (45/45)
2015/16 Agata Sankiewicz of White Eagle (45/45)

2014/15 Michael Moir of Ramsbottom (39/39)
2014/15 Keane Mills of Harper Brass (66/66)

2012/13 Michael Moir of Ramsbottom (48/48)
2012/13 John Nuttall of Lostock (57/57)

2011/12 Michael Moir of Ramsbottom (63/63)


Warburton Cup Winners (Bolton & District Table Tennis League):


This writer’s experience of glory (playing):

Junior Knockout Trophy Winner
Breightmet Golf Club, Bolton
Caddy: Simon Smith

Division 4 Runners-Up
Bolton & District Table Tennis League
Ali (76%), Weston (73%), Chumalusu (71%), Hossein (88%)

Division 3 Champions
Bolton & District Table Tennis League
Bertrand (98%), Ingerson (96%), Weston (47%), Brookes (36%)

Division 3 Champions
Bolton & District Table Tennis League
Team: Harper Brass ‘C’
Bertrand (88%), Jones (85%), Weston (63%), Brookes (47%)

George Yates Trophy Runners-Up
Bolton & District Table Tennis League
Team: BRASS ‘B’
Scowcroft (60%), Bolton (67%), Weston (39%), Bertrand (33%), Brookes (15%)

Experience of glory & disappointment (watching live):

“Difficult to know, really know about something without the mud and the horse-like gallops around you.”

1989/1990    Second Division [2nd tier] Champions (Leeds Utd)

1991/1992    First Division [1st tier] Champions (Leeds Utd)

1992              Charity Shield Winners (Leeds Utd Vs Liverpool)

1999/2000   UEFA Cup S/F (Leeds Utd Vs Galatasaray)

2000/2001   Champions League – Leeds Utd matches:
(H) AC Milan (1-0) inc. Maldini, Shevchenko, Bierhoff
(H) Besiktas (6-0)
(H) Barcelona (1-1) inc. Cocu, Rivaldo, Xavi, Puyol, Enrique
(H) R Madrid (0-2) inc. Carlos, Hierro, Raul, Figo, Campo, Guti
(H) Anderlecht (2-1) inc. Radzinski
(H) Lazio (3-3) inc. Nedved, Stankovic, Ravanelli, Lopez
Q/F (H) Deportivo (3-0) inc. Emerson, Scaloni, Duscher
S/F (H) Valencia (0-0) inc. Mendieta, Carew, Sanchez

2006               Championship Play-Off Final (Leeds Utd Vs Watford)

2013               Warburton Cup Final (Heaton ‘E’ Vs Hilton ‘H’)
2013               Closed Champ‘ Finals (Brookes,Evans,Craighill,Elliott)

2014               JPT-Northern Final 1st leg (Fleetwood Vs Chesterfield)
2013/2014  Premier Division Winners (Ramsbottom ‘A’ Vs Flixton)
2014               Warburton Cup Final (Boyzone Vs Farnworth SC ‘A’)
2014               League Two Play-Off S/F 2nd leg (Fleetwood Vs York)
2014               Summer League Final (Ivory Toasters Vs Hilton ‘C’)

2015               Warburton Cup Final (Ladybridge C Vs Little Lever A)
2015               Closed Champ‘ Finals (Scowcroft,Musa,Ryan,Dale)
2015               Lancs Closed ChampSingles Final (Cicchelli vs Dempsey)
2015               Summer League Final (Coburg ‘B’ Vs Coburg ‘A’)

2016               JPT – Northern Final 2nd leg (Fleetwood Vs Barnsley)
2016               Warburton Cup Final (Heaton B Vs Bolton TTC)
2016               Pre-season friendly: Fleetwood Town 0 Liverpool 5
2016               EFL Cup (Round 1): Fleetwood 2 Leeds 2  (4-5 pens)
2016               League One: Bolton Wanderers 2 Fleetwood Town 1

2017               Preston Guild Hall boxing: Jack Arnfield vs. Mick Hall
2017               League One: Fleetwood Town 2 Bolton Wanderers 4
2017               League One Play-Off S/F 2nd leg (Fl’wood vs Bradford)
2017               Pre-season friendly: Fleetwood Town 2 Bolton Wand 0
2017               Pre-season friendly: Fleetwood Town 1 Preston NE 5

“Witness an event and then write about it. Do not be a shyster and pretend you were there.”



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