Published Pieces

I wrote a Tuesday column for The Bolton News between May 2013 and April 2016 focusing mainly on table tennis.

The shorter pieces on this site – a total of 93 articles – have all been published with them.

In March 2014 I started writing for Robert Ecksel’s US website,, in June 2015 for and in April 2016 for the Coleman, Sherwin & Pulling Irish/Australian powerhouse that is


PUBLISHED (125 articles)

Pieces for (Editor-in-Chief: Robert Ecksel)
1. Tyson Fury: The Great White Hope?
2. Amir Khan – Lancashire Bomber
3. Klitschko / Fury: Speed and Power vs. Zig-Zags and The Almighty
4. Nowhere to Hide: Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs. Amir ‘King Khan’
5. David Haye – Temporary Road-Sweeper
6. Fury-Klitschko II: Better Burgers to Flip?
7. All Heart: Boxing’s Finest Gentleman, Carl ‘The Cat’ Thompson
8. The Changing Landscape for Scott Quigg
9. Discussing Haye, Hendrix, Hacks, HBO, Herzog & Hitting 30…
10. Anthony Joshua: Hoping to Avoid the Left Hook
11. Amir Khan – Out of Service Concorde


Pieces for (Co-Editor: Neil Sherwin)
1. Driving a Lamborghini on the Pavement
2. Andy Pilley Rolls the Fleetwood Town Dice Once Again
3. Honestly Discussing RALF B (Renegades, Atmospheres, Leeds, Fleetwood & Bolton)
4. Devante Cole: Looking Towards the Horizon
5. The Great Fleetwood Town Lunatic Asylum
6. Fleetwood Town – End of the Unbeaten Run
7. Pre-Season Paucity at Fleetwood Town
8. The Bally and Proctor Rotherham Roadshow
9. Haughton Holocaust at Fleetwood Fans’ Forum
10. The Mystery of Fleetwood’s Toumani Diagouraga
11. Fehler durch Technik at Fleetwood Town
12. Fleetwood Town’s John Sheridan – Ordinary Man, Misunderstood, Underappreciated
13. Fleetwood Town’s Joey Barton – from Cigars to Head Coach
14. No Art in the Gallery for Barton’s Fleetwood Town
15. Shorting Fleetwood Town’s Long


Pieces for (Editor: Mick Bates)
1. Neil McDonald: Humble Man
2. Fleetwood Town – Running Out of Coke and Crisps?
3. Fleetwood’s Iceman Cometh
4. Five Months After the Fleetwood Cull
5. Sowerby, Morris & The Lack of Room Service at ‘Hotel Fleetwood’


Pieces for (Editor: Sam Rourke)
1. When Fleetwood Let Their Cantona Go


Pieces for The Bolton News (Head of Sport: Neil Bonnar)
1. Slumped Shoulders and Modest Applause (Bolton Wanderers FC)
2. The Lostock Lasher (John Nuttall)
3. Shawshank Redemption (Bob Bent)
4. A Grave Night for the Coffin Dodgers (B Walsh & A Bradshaw)
5. The Ultimate Banana Skin (Neville Singh)
6. Barcroft Blitz (Steve Barber & John Scowcroft)
7. Wilson Parker-Roger Bertrand III (Parker & Bertrand)
8. Farewell Ingerson (Alan Ingerson)
9. Joan of Arc (Annie Hudson)
10. Five-Set Woe (Bent, Jeff Saunders & Mark Speakman)
11. Summer Dream (Mathew Fishwick & Wilson Parker)
12. Dangermen (Rory McIntyre, John Nuttall etc)
13. Finding a Table (Chinatown)
14. Pity the Hacks (David Yates & Roy Caswell)
15. Falling in Love with the Game (Yugoslavia)
16. ‘The Sixteen Club’ (Simon Westwood)
17. Honour (Frank Rijkaard & Rudi Voller)
18. The Smart Show (Jean Smart)
19. No Stops Yet for Nuttall Steam Train (Nuttall & Arfat Khan)
20. Scowcroft, The Messiah (David Scowcroft)
21. Welcome to The Shed (Caswell, Jackie Smith & Roy Platt)
22. Blimey O’Riley (Phil Riley & Barry Elliott)
23. VE Day (Nuttall, Khan, Fishwick & Brian Young)
24. In the Company of Kings (M Moir, R Lightowler & P Brandwood)
25. Ladybridge Routed by Field Marshal Tim (D Siddall & Tim Fields)
26. The Players Who Stare at Goats (Audsley, Bollard & Wheeldon)
27. Grand Slaughter (G Clayborough, Sam Evans & Kirit Chauhan)
28. Hibbert Keeps Wheels on Promotion Charge (Weall & Hibbert)
29. Jones Jnr the Difference (Dave Jones Jnr, DJ Snr & Phil Beales)
30. Hail King Louis (Louis Rosenthal, Paul Cicchelli & John Hilton)
31. Very Superstitious (John Barker & Roger Bertrand)
32. Half Way There (Brian Hall, Graham Wilson & Rovimil Dato)
33. Desperate and Without the Gods (Josh Sandford & David Cain)
34. George Laks R.I.P. (George Laks)
35. The Willy Wonka of Season Tickets (Richard Whittleworth)
36. Hilton Raid Scuppers Farnworth Promotion (J Ainley & D End)
37. Grimwood Reaps Warburton Q/F Spot (J Grim’ & J Chadwick)
38. Movers and Shakers I (Blackpool FC & Karl Oyston)
39. Movers and Shakers II (Win Percentage Ratios Div4 > Prem)
40. Farnworth on Fire (Bethany Farnworth & Paul Tatlock)
41. Knowing the Numbers (Peter Richardson & Wendy Coupe)
42. Giant Killers Warm Up Before Their Big Day (Harrison Jones)
43. The Daves of Division Two (Jones, Brookes & Mottershead)
44. On the Trail of Garvin Yim (Garvin Yim)
45. Albany Smashed Again But Show Great Spirit (David Brownlow)
46. Michnowiec Puts Spoke in Flixton Wheel (Andrew Michnowiec)
47. Ramsbottom Crowned Champions after Lightowler Treble (Rich)
48. Farnworth Social Club in Cup Double (M Murray & G Marsden)
49. Dark Rumours and The Great Escape (Brierley, Auxilly & Isherw’)
50. Brandwood Finally Shows his Mettle (Paul Brandwood & A Khan)
51. Sandford the Sandman (Josh Sandford)
52. The Man from Congo-Brazzaville (Malcolm Ngouala)
53. The Last of the Great Caretakers (William Mann)
54. The Bandit Hits Town (Raymond Isherwood)
55. Step into the Barber’s Chair (Steve Barber)
56. Scott Brown – Struggler Extraordinare (Scott Brown)
57. Cart Before the Horse (Brett Haslam & Matthew Weston)
58. Unassailable (John Hilton & Mark Gibson)
59. Fumata Nera (Bob Jackson & Roy Caswell)
60. Keep on Runnin’ (Brian Hall & Colin Roberts)
61. A Tale of Two Dogs (Krishna Chauhan & Wilson Parker)
62. BLGC Seek Next Generation (Roger Bertrand & Ian Monk)
63. Barry Walsh – The Inverse Buccaneer (Barry & Clive Walsh)
64. El Borrachos (Alan Ingerson & Brett Haslam)
65. Duncan, The Diamond and The Lip (C Duncan & J Sandford)
66. Cold, Cold War (Malcolm Rose)
67. Pathway to Quantity (Jack Daniels & Thomas Monk)
68. Bowing Out (Neil Bonnar)
69. Warburton Cup Final 2015 (Greenhalgh, Cole & Birchall)
70. Closed Championship Finals 2015 (Scowcroft,Musa,Ryan,Dale)
71. Keane Mills: The 100% Kid (Keane Mills)
72. ‘Mild’ Max Brooks (Harry Pilling,Mel Brooks,Max Brooks)
73. Faizan Bhura: The Diminutive Warrior (Bhura & Andrea Holt)
74. When Losing Becomes A Habit (Dave Jones Jnr & Snr, P Beales)
75. The Return of John Nuttall (Roy Caswell & John Nuttall)
76. Tim Vaughan: The Five-Set Man (Vaughan, Paul Cicchelli)
77. Spinners and Steel Benefit from Top Teams’ Exodus
78. Longworth Stock Surges (Ellis Longworth, Brian Greenhalgh)
79. Turban Sikhs and Destroys (Frederic Turban, Billy Russell)
80. “You Wouldn’t Have Won if We’d Beaten You” (Yogi Berra)
81. The Shrewd Signing of Johnny Scowcroft (Scowcroft, Paul Mort)
82. The Keys To An Invisible Car (Gao, Makino, Barker, Heyes)
83. Ramsbottom on the Rack? (Lightowler, Moir, Bowen, Scowcroft)
84. Super Dave Holden (Holden, Jim Bolton, James Bollard)
85. D.I.Y. Table Tennis (Brown, Young, Whittleworth, Saunders)
86. Sheriff Wyatt and Gambler Wyatt (David & Benjamin Wyatt)
87. The Bat Pack (Singh, Parker, Lightowler, Riley, Sandford)
88. Dreaming Big (Hall, Cantor, Robertson, McCormick)
89. The Montpellier Man (Roger Bertrand, Rodney Hall, Verdun)
90. Table Tennis’s Best Fights (Rosenthal, Dore, Cicchelli)
91. Becoming Neville Singh (Rushton, Brooks, Sankiewicz)
92. Flixton Set to Hobble Over the Title Line (Bowen, Biggs)
93. Battle at Little Bighorn (Makino, Gao, Donaldson, Shaw)




Pieces for Fleetwood Town FC (Media Manager: Jonathon Swift)
1. Fleetwood Town 0 AFC Wimbledon 0: Torturous to Some
2. Napoleon at Aspern-Essling
3. Almost Preposterous
4. The Third Tier
5. Surely Not Again!


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