from Boxing Authors, Sports Editors, Top 50 Players, Prizewinning Journalists, Professional Footballers, Secretaries, Local League Players, Deputy Heads, Coaches, Football Fans and Media Managers:

Darren Dickinson, FTFC and lifelong Liverpool FC fan (21.8.2018):

“Top class as always from @jeffweston1970. By far the No1 Codarmy scribe. Clubs put out enough propaganda around Barton to make him seem infallible, nice to read criticism and a fair balanced piece.”

Will Watt, Head of First Team Operations, Fleetwood Town (5.9.2017):

“Morning Jeff. Just been speaking to Uwe [Rosler] about your blog. He found it very interesting. He’s opened an invitation to come and have a coffee to talk about Nick Haughton and why this situation has come about. Would be a perfect opportunity for you to get behind the thinking.”

Bill Wood – son of Elgin City ‘inside left’ midfielder, Colin Wood (4.8.2017):

“‘Paucity’ brilliant. An utterly quality article. Good broadsheet standard…As with all your sports pieces, I love the tone and content.”

David Ball, Rotherham United striker (3.8.2017):

“That’s one of the proudest things I have read about myself and something I can only say thank you for.”

Elliot Worsell, The Ring/Boxing News writer & author of Making Haye (28.9.2016):

“What a joy to read, Jeff. Not only because it’s typically well-written, full of inventive turn of phrase and ideas, but because of its subject matter…Brought it all back for me – at least the tail end of his career. What I also loved about the article was that you denied the temptation to go balls deep into his big fights, focusing instead on the ones only the hardcore fans would remember, the ones that truly helped create the Carl Thompson legend.”

Neil Sherwin, Co-Editor, Backpagefootball.com (24.8.2016):

“Interesting subject as changing allegiance is very often frowned upon but you put forward an interesting and understandable case study.”

Elliot Worsell, Boxing writer (20.7.2016):

“Great Fury-Klitschko piece, Jeff…you did a wonderful job of making me read to the end. Captured the man brilliantly. A joy to read, as always.”

Elliot Worsell, Boxing writer (2.6.2016):

“Bravo, Jeff…that is the best thing anybody has written on Haye this year. Not even close. It sums up the situation perfectly. So many great lines, so many key observations missed by the dunces who gorge on his every word…Brilliantly written, but I’ve come to expect that of you.”

John Nuttall, Bolton Division Two player (23.2.2016):

“I liked the line about Roger’s ‘personal Battle of Verdun’ today! Very nice reference.”

Paul Tatlock, Bolton Division One player (25.11.2015):

“Love your stuff. Always has heart.”

Robert Ecksel, Editor-in-Chief, Boxing.com (23.11.2015):

“Superb writing, Jeff. Also agree completely with your [Tyson Fury] thesis.”

Paul Cicchelli, former no.47 in England – ETTA/TTE ‘Senior Men’ (30.10.2015):

“You are really putting accomplished work out there, which does get noticed.”

Jon Colman, News & Star columnist (4.8.2015):

“Enjoyed the Burnley report. Jon Parkin as a “beautiful contaminant” is an image that will stay with me. Keep up the good work.”

Jon Colman, SJA Regional Sportswriter of the Year (2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) and News & Star football columnist on 8.7.2015 wrote:

“Enjoyed the Ball piece…Keep firing stuff my way.”

David Ball, Manchester City, Peterborough United & Fleetwood Town footballer (30.6.15):

“A fantastic piece, mate. Enjoyed the read. Sure others will.”

Kevin Boroduwicz, Secretary, Blackpool Supporters Trust (25.6.15):

“A very well written piece…hope that it gets a decent audience.”

Dave Jones Snr, Bolton Division Two player  & barbershop singer (24.6.2015):

“It’s great to see your articles appearing in The Bolton News again. You have a great talent with the pen. Although painful  to read [one’s stats], [the work is] very truthful, informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work!”

Jon Colman, News & Star football columnist (15-16.6.2015):

“Just read the [McDonald] piece. Excellent stuff indeed. Honoured to get a mention…There should be space for considered pieces like this; I do sometimes think editors underestimate their readers and aim lower than they should.”

Steve Hathaway, Bolton Premier Division player (9.9.2014):

“Just like to say how much I have enjoyed reading your ping pong write ups as posted on Bolton 365 website – they will be sadly missed!”

Neil Bonnar, Head of Sport, The Bolton News (4.9.14):

“It goes without saying I am sorry to see you go…The column has been outstandingly well written and hugely insightful for those interested in the Bolton table tennis scene currently and in the recent and distant past.”

Brett Haslam, Bolton Match Secretary (28.8.2014):

“Thanks for all your help over the past couple of seasons. I know the players have looked forward to reading your reports and will miss them this season.”

Brian Smith, former Primary School Deputy Head (16.5.2014):

“The article about Mr Mann…is excellent…you write with both journalistic flair and a very obvious ‘feel’ for the situation.”

Jonathon Swift, Media Manager, Fleetwood Town FC (7.3.2014):

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading your report on the Wimbledon game last weekend. It is a great read and it is a breath of fresh air to read a report from a supporter’s point of view.”

Robert Ecksel, Editor-in-Chief, boxing.com (March 2014):

“Smart and thorough and not too long for us…Excellent writing. Keep ’em coming.”

Neil Bonnar, Head of Sport, The Bolton News (15.5.2013):

“A smashing piece. Perfect for our new local sport product.”

Roy Caswell, General Secretary, Bolton Table Tennis League (27.4.2013):

“Very good! You have a fertile imagination.”

Kaush Makwana, Secretary, Harper Green (27.4.2013):

“Impressive writing. Well done.”

Andrew Evans, Bolton Premier Division player (27.4.2013):

“As somebody who played on finals night and is part of the write up on the site I have to say this is brilliant!

Not sure about Jeff’s description of my doubles play (“iffy”?!), although the smash I missed at match point will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Pass my appreciation on to the author and many thanks to you and the committee for organising such a great night. It was a privilege to play in front of all those people.”

Paul Brandwood, Bolton Premier Division player (27.4.2013):

“Colourful read. What about sandwiches nxt time lol. Well done.”

John Lawrence, Bolton Division Three player (24.4.2013):

“Brilliant report, Jeff – very funny! I didn’t realise the match was that exciting. I was very disappointed to lose that last game and felt that I had let my team down but your report makes us all feel like winners!”

Mel Brooks, Bolton Division Three player (23.4.2013):

“The best table tennis report I’ve ever read.”

John Barker, Bolton Division Two player (22.4.2013):

“Interesting write up Jeff, very good.. made me laugh a lot…”

Roger Bertrand, BL&GC Table Tennis coach (5.4.2013):

“What a great piece of journalism.”

















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