Interview with Elliot Worsell (author of Making Haye Dog Rounds)

Scott Quigg: Manufactured or Bazooka II Time?

All Heart: Boxing’s Finest Gentleman, Carl ‘The Cat’ Thompson

Fury-Klitschko II: Revenge for Dr Steelhammer?

David Haye – Time to Park Up the Dustcart?

Canelo-Khan: Iron-Fisted Mexican against Lightening-Fast Brit

The Big Fight: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Tyson Fury

The Man from Congo-Brazzaville

Amir Khan – Lancashire Bomber

Tyson Fury: The Great White Hope?

On the Trail of Garvin Yim


Project A: Devante Cole

Wisely Avoiding the Trainee Megalomaniacs

Driving a Lamborghini on the Pavement

Devante Cole & Steven Pressley Spoof

IRAIW articles: Humble Man; Coke & Crisps; Iceman; Cull; Hotel Fleetwood.

When Fleetwood Let Their Cantona Go

Surely Not Again!

Movers and Shakers I


Knowing the Numbers

Table Tennis:

Mottershead Captains Bolton TTC to Cup Double

Disquiet over Big Club Radcliffe ‘Saving’ Minnows Ladybridge from Relegation

Time Table Tennis Took Its Rightful Place

Super Dave Holden

Ramsbottom on the Rack?

The Keys to an Invisible Car

The Shrewd Signing of Johnny Scowcroft

“You Wouldn’t Have Won If We’d Beaten You”

Longworth Stock Surges

Spinners and Steel Benefit from Top Teams’ Exodus

Tim Vaughan: The Five-Set Man

The Return of John Nuttall

When Losing Becomes a Habit

Faizan Bhura: The Diminutive Warrior

‘Mild’ Max Brooks

Keane Mills: The 100% Kid

Warburton Cup Final 2015

Bowing Out

Pathway to Quantity

Cold, Cold War

Duncan, The Diamond and The Lip

El Borrachos

Barry Walsh – The Inverse Buccaneer

BLGC Seek Next Generation

A Tale of Two Dogs

Keep on Runnin’


Cart Before the Horse

Scott Brown – Struggler Extraordinare

Step Into the Barber’s Chair

The Bandit Hits Town

Sandford the Sandman

Brandwood Finally Shows His Mettle

Dark Rumours and The Great Escape

Ramsbottom Crowned Champions after Lightowler Treble

Michnowiec Puts Spoke in Flixton Wheel



Below is a list of future pieces I intend to write. The title / headline may change, but the central premise will remain:

Football >>>

Paul Cook & Portsmouth – Does the Revolution Start Now?

Fabio Capello – Great Manager or Overpaid Clown?

Boxing >>>

Joe Calzaghe – Welsh Wizard or Too Long in the UK?

Table Tennis >>>

The Wattage of Watmough

Registering on Your Way to the Game

The Strange Forfeiting of Ramsbottom ‘B’

No Underdog – Just Sidedogs

Five-Set Bottle

My Heroes are Mostly Black

First Night Nerves

Sitting in the Hall

Painting the Player

How Long Does Glory Last?


The Orange Prize of Table Tennis

The Banter Between Sets

Taking a Scalp

Mckend: Another Singh Victim?

Ups and Downs




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